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Thermal Sweeps 

Does your power bill seem higher than it should be? Are you tired of drafts on cold winter days? Small improvements can make a big difference! We can show you the areas of your house that are losing energy by performing a thermal sweep. Reducing energy loss in your home goes a long way in saving money on your power bill each month. The best part is, thermal sweeps are included on every home inspection!

Foundations and Crawlspaces

Does your house have a crawlspace? We inspect those! Common problems that could be hidden under your house include: unseen water leaks, damaged floor joists, improper ventilation, vermin damage, uninsulated duct work, and improper drainage. 

Electrical Systems

Our licensed home inspector is trained to recognize electrical problems such as improper splicing, signs of arcing, missing knockouts, and damaged breakers. These seemingly small issues could result in serious problems for home owners if not found and addressed. 



Unlike other companies, we try to walk every roof instead of using a drone or inspecting from the eaves. We know that roof issues can lead to bigger problems on the inside of the house and we want to make sure our customers know exactly what they are buying. 


Our licensed home inspector will conduct a functional flow test, and check for active water leaks and moisture around piping at every home inspection. At Talley Home Inspections, we know that a little leak can cause a huge problem. 



Spartanburg, SC


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